Cast Announcement

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to audition for She Loves Me.  As you have probably heard by now (or read in our post yesterday), we’ve decided to switch the show this fall to Into the Woods!  During auditions, it became clear that the cast make-up of She Loves Me was not the right fit for the students who were trying out; we switched to Into the Woods because of the similar cast size though greater variation of parts.  While this is an unusual move for CG Theatre, we are thrilled to produce this show, and we hope that those of you who did not make the cast will still want to be involved with the crew!

A few reminders (see details in Thursday’s post):


  • Monday–Cast AND Crew meeting from 3-5 in the auditorium.  The parent meeting has been RESCHEDULED.
  • Wednesday–Cast AND Crew meeting from 3-5 in the auditorium.  There will be a meeting just for SENIORS from 5-5:30.
  • Friday–Rehearsal has been CANCELLED.


Congrats to the Cast!

Into the Woods Cast

Fall Musical Updates

I would like to personally thank everyone who has come out with interest in joining our cast and crew for this year’s fall musical!  As you may have heard by now, we’ve decided to switch this year’s show from She Loves Me to Into the Woods!  We’re very excited about this show, and we hope that whether you end up in the cast, crew, or even just the audience, you will enjoy our production of this magical, twisted tale.  Until the cast list is posted on Friday, here are some more updates you might be interested in:

  • I will PROBABLY post the cast list around 5pm on Friday.  
    I apologize for continuing to change the times on you!  (I had originally said 7pm, then realized with my sons’ bedtime, 9pm was probably more realistic.  But now I feel like making you all wait until 9pm is a little torturous!  I’ll aim for posting the list around 5pm so that you’re not waiting all night.)
  • Monday’s meeting will be for ALL cast AND crew from 3-5 in the auditorium.
    If you don’t make the cast but would like to stay a part of this production in the crew, please join us.  If you don’t show up, we’ll take you off of our list.

    • Crew: Please bring your completed application form with you to this meeting.  If you had tried out for cast but want to join the crew, we should already have your form on file, so you don’t need to worry about that.
  • The original parent meeting was scheduled for 5pm on Monday, but IT HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  The parent meeting (for both cast and crew) will now be on Wednesday, 9/6 from 6-6:30.  This change is already fixed on the Google Calendar.
  • Rehearsal on Friday, 8/25 has been CANCELLED due to the first home football game.  This change is also already fixed on the Google Calendar.

Audition Reminders & Times

For Monday & Tuesday’s Auditions, here’s what you need to know.  Please read through this list and come prepared!  If you or a friend will no longer be trying out, please let Mrs. Widbin know BEFORE auditions (come to room 204 or email 

  • The FINAL audition groups and times are posted at the bottom of this list.
  • Preparing for your audition:
    • Dress appropriately.  We would like you to dress as nicely as possible, but remember that you will be doing choreography in which you’ll be jumping and going to your knees.
    • Come at least 10 minutes BEFORE your audition to make sure that you won’t be late!  **If you ARE late, you may end up forfeiting your audition time!
  • While waiting for your audition:
    • Wait in the Hall of Excellence at the end near the glass doors/parking lot.  This way any noise you make will not disrupt auditions and you will avoid disrupting dance team practice.
    • You may warm-up (vocals/characterization/stretch), practice (song/dance), or let loose a bit to help shake off your nerves.  Just don’t distract others, goof around, or be rude to others.  As I mentioned at the callout meeting, PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING YOUR ACTIONS.
  • Bring the following with you:
    • Your COMPLETED Audition Form (this includes a PARENT signature)
    • Your audition sheet music
    • Water
  • Audition Info:
    • Each group will have approx. 20 minutes to audition.
    • When you are called to the stage, please HURRY.  You want to make the most of your 20 minutes!
    • The audition order will be: Solos, Scenes, then Choreography.
  • Follow-up Info:
    • Don’t forget that Thursday will be POSSIBLE callbacks.  Keep your schedule cleared if possible.  If we decide to have callbacks, Mrs. Widbin will get in touch with you on Wednesday with a time for Thursday and the info.
    • Remember: If we DO have callbacks or if we DON’T have callbacks…don’t read too much into either situation!  And be prepared: whether or not you’re invited to callbacks does NOT mean that you are definitely in the show, so understand that we need to see your absolute best.
    • The Cast List will be posted HERE on Friday evening, probably around 7pm.  If you make the cast, we expect to see you Monday ready to work!

Break a leg to you ALL!!!

Audition List Sat Night

Audition UPDATES

  • Do you want to audition but missed the callout meeting?  Did you sign up at the callout meeting but now have decided NOT to tryout?  Do you have a conflict with your audition date/time?  Click this link to fill out a Google form letting Mrs. Widbin know OR come see Mrs. Widbin ASAP.
    **Again, even if you’ve decided not to audition any more, please let Mrs. Widbin know (in the Google form or in person) so that we can adjust the audition groups.  Thank you!
  • This weekend, Mrs. Widbin will post a list of things you need to bring to your audition as well as some additional prep tips. Be sure to check back for that on Saturday or Sunday.

Audition Info & Music

Thanks to all of you who came out for the She Loves Me callout meeting today!  If you couldn’t make it but would still like to audition for a part in the cast, please come see Mrs. Widbin in room 204 ASAP to get the necessary materials and to be added to a tryout group.

MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARRIVE BEFORE YOUR AUDITION TIME!!!  If you are late, we will not have the time to catch you up in the audition group.  Come about 10 minutes early, wait in the lobby (warm up, relax, practice, etc…), and then we will call your group in to the auditorium at the appropriate time.

We will do our best to stay on time with the schedule, but be aware that we may get behind.  With that being said, be sure to clear your schedule for a chunk of time after auditions in case we are running late.  We want to respect your time, so hopefully that won’t be the case!

Keep your calendars clear for POSSIBLE callbacks on Thursday after school.  We will contact you by the end of the day Wednesday if we’d like you to come back for callbacks.  Please remember that whether or not you are asked to callbacks, this does NOT mean that you got a part.  Just prepare if you are asked back, and give us your best!

The music for the choreography is A Romantic Atmosphere.  The part for the dance starts around 2:58 (count 8 beats after “tango” and start once the tempo picks up).

She Loves Me Callout Meeting


  • Meet in Auditorium @3pm
  • Full group info meeting from 3-4pm (Crew can then leave)
  • Cast Audition Workshop from 4-5pm
    • Learn & practice a short chunk of choreography
    • Get the music & practice for your audition
    • Practice developing character, projecting, and performing on stage
  • See Mrs. Widbin in room 204 if you cannot make this meeting


  • This is OPTIONAL
    • AKA not required
    • You may come and go as you please during the workshop time (stay as long as you’d like)
    • If you can’t make the callout meeting, this audition workshop is HIGHLY recommended
  • Meet in Auditorium @3pm
  • Cast Audition Workshop from 3-4:30pm
    • Practice (and/or get help with) a short chunk of choreography
    • Practice for your music audition
    • Practice developing character, projecting, and performing on stage

She Loves Me Callout Meeting

She Loves Me ProgramThe Callout Meeting for this year’s fall musical, She Loves Me, will be on Tuesday, August 8th!  Please meet in the auditorium after school to learn more about this show and auditions.  More details about the callout meeting will be posted the first week of school.

Whether you’re interested in participating in the cast or crew of this show, this meeting is for you.  Even if you’re unsure that you want to be involved, please come to this meeting to find out more and ask questions!