Spring Play Cast Announced!

Paradise Lost and Found by Pat Cook

Friday Jan. 18 @ 3:30pm Read Through/Play/Introductions/Contracts

Congratulations to everyone who made the lead and understudy casts for Paradise Lost and Found! In order to accept your role you MUST e-mail Ms. Vitz and tell her you either accept or decline the role you have been offered. If you are not on either list, we really appreciate you coming out to audition and would still love to have you on our crew!

Our first read through will be Friday January 18 at 3:30pm in the auditorium. We can’t wait to see you there! (Note, if you cannot attend, you must e-mail Ms. Vitz by Friday January 18 at noon!)

Ms. Vitz’s e-mail is: vitza@centergrove.k12.in.us


Paradise Lost and Found Lead Cast List

Mavis: Ally Lollar, grade 9

Coop: Ethan Slinkard, grade 9

Gillis: Luke Schmitt, grade 11

Krolik: Ella Gilpatrick, grade 10

Regan: Emma Richards, grade 9

Benjamin: Jackson Long, grade 9

Emily: Carter Johnson, grade 10

Barbara: Abby Green, grade 10

Clara: Ava Riddle, grade 10

Richard: Daniel Mangan, grade 9

June: Ashley Stzitz, grade 10


Paradise Lost and Found Understudy Cast List

An understudy is an actor who learns the part they are assigned and has the duty of stepping in to rehearsal and/or a performance if the lead cast member is unable to be present. If you’ve been given an understudy role we believe you are responsible enough to handle it and could benefit greatly from the experience. Many times understudies have a chance to prove what they are capable of during rehearsal process and are given more consideration in their next auditions.

Mavis: Emma Matlock, grade 9

Coop: Prakhar Saxena, grade 9

Gillis: Jack Albin, grade 10

Krolik: Natalie Bender, grade 9

Regan: Annalia Sanchez, grade 9

Benjamin: Scott Walker, grade 11

Emily: Kate Plunkett, grade 9

Barbara: Katie Pinkus, grade 9

Clara: Savannah Cluff, grade 9

Richard: Maddix Jones, grade 9

June:  Sabine Fei, grade 11


Mavis and the other employees of the Lost and Found department of the Paradise Bus Company are used to dealing with all kinds of strange things, from abandoned tubas to missing tiaras. However, their biggest challenge yet may be controlling a runaway rumor that big-shot B.F. Crandall is coming to visit. As they try to keep up the ruse for their by-the-book manager, crazy misunderstandings and confusion ensue — and to top it all off they must figure out the mysterious reason why a nine-year-old girl has turned up at the bus station alone. Will the answers that they’re looking for turn up at the Paradise Lost and Found?


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